Do you have old 8mm home movies you would like to sell?

We purchase your old unbroadcasted or unpublished 8mm home movies for cash.

How do I sell my 8mm home movies?

If you are the original filmmaker or have inherited the films from a family member we would be happy to review your films for purchase.

Please visit our "Contact Us" page and please provide the following information:

1) What are the size of the film reels you currently own - 3", 5", etc?
2) How many film reels are you wanting to sell?
3) What is the subject matter contained on the film if known?
Example(Family Holidays, Vacations,Iconic Destinations or Events, Etc)


  • Major Cities - Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, etc
  • Major Historic Events
  • Family Vacations or Road Trips
  • Road Side Attractions
  • Major Corporate Brands
  • Places of Work - Early Office Enviroments, Manufacturing, Construction, etc
  • Holidays and Family Milestones and Events


Q: How much can I sell my old home movies for?

A: Cost depends on the quality of the footage and the subject matter of the footage and is determined on a reel to reel basis.

Q: Can I sell films that I purchased at a garage sale, estate sale, etc?

A: No, you must be the original filmmaker or have inherited the films from a family member and be able to provide documentation of your ownership.

Q: If you decide to purchase my home movies can I obtain a digital copy?

A: No, we require full ownership and a transfer of copyright for all the films we purchase.